1 Easy to install and configure
2 Sits on your server not ours
3 We will customize the code
4 Support provided

Advantages for Web Developers, Web Masters

  • Before you buy, you can test online how well mySpider searches your site. And it's all done on our server. You can even test integrating the mySpider search page into your web site's design.
  • Our test spidering, can expose problems on your web site that you may have never otherwise found or been able to analyze.
  • Before sending you the application files, we make sure that mySpider spiders and searches all of your web site the way it should, and that any custom coding we've done is functioning properly.
  • MySpider is quick and easy to install.
  • Support is provided by telephone and email.
  • The Search Engine integrates perfectly into your web site design.
  • You can configure how the ranking of the search results is calculated, and even affect the ranking by file type.
  • You can configure optional categories or sections of the site and visitors can select one or more to search within.
  • MySpider provides a Search Report application. (See the live demo.)
  • You can immediately spider and update individual web pages without having to spider the whole site.
  • The Spider Engine reports internal and external bad links and lists the pages each is found in.
  • While spidering and updating the search index, mySpider allows uninterrupted searches.
  • MySpider can can access protected directories and files that use basic authorization (or basic authentication) or application login forms.
  • MySpider's Secure Search feature allows you to create separate search indexes accessible by visitors with different levels of security permissions. (See the "Multiple Secure Users and Web Host Companies" Manual.)
  • With the Hosting Companies Solution you need only purchase one copy of mySpider to provide spider and search engines to any number of clients. (See the "Multiple Secure Users and Web Host Companies" Manual.)
  • MySpider can spider multiple domains.
  • We can customize mySpider to work with any specialized code you write.
  • For example, the Spider executable can be custom coded so that it spiders your site's dynamic (DHTML) navigation menus.
  • MySpider can be customized to follow any Javascript code in your site.
  • MySpider recognizes special tags that you can wrap around the parts of web pages you don't want to be searchable.
  • MySpider (Spider, Search and Admin tools) can be run on Windows or Unix servers and works with most databases.
  • MySpider can search dynamic web pages (asp, php, cgi, jsp, cfm) as well as static ones.
  • The Admin tools make it easy to configure the Spider and Search engines.
  • You can change the look and style of the search tool to suit your and/or your client's needs.
  • This includes the number of chunks of text or body excerpts in the brief descriptions returned and the length of the chunks.
  • The total number of results returned per page can be changed with the search Admin tool.
  • MySpider searches PDF files.
  • The spider engine will spider all types of link formatting, for example links beginning with forward slash, dot forward slash and dot dot forward slash.

Advantages for Site Owners

  • The code you pay for cannot be used by anyone else. It is restricted to use on your domain.
  • The spider, search and Admin tools and the searchable database all reside on your server(s).
  • Your sensitive data is thus protected.
  • The spider and search tools will continue to work if you redesign your web site.
  • If you do not use a "Site Map" page, only the way the search executable file spiders your site's dynamic navigation menus may need recoding.
  • Any symbols, such as "#", that your site needs to be searchable can be made searchable.

Advantages for Site Users

  • The search page has a very pleasing look and is easy to use.
  • You can search within one or more sections or categories of the site or the whole site.
  • The search page contains a simple explanation on how to enter search terms.
  • The search tool uses the Boolean operators "AND", "OR" and "NOT", in upper, lower or mixed case. The default is "AND" if no operator is entered.
  • Any number of search terms with their operators can be used.
  • You can group search terms and their operators in parentheses to override operator precedence.
  • Exact phrases, can be placed in double quotes and used with single word search terms and other double quoted exact phrases.
  • You can search for text that contains parentheses, if you place double quotes around the text you enter in the search box.
  • All search terms are entered as text in one line. There is no need for radio buttons or separate search term text boxes.
  • Returns the total number of results and the range returned on each page of results.
  • The results page shows your search terms in bold and in one or more body excerpts of the documents they're found in.
  • The search box in the results page is always filled-in with the search terms you had entered.
  • Currently searches for many symbols such as #, that Google does not search for.