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Order mySpider

For your records, please print this form after completing all fields and before submitting your order.

All fields below are required.

First Name
Last Name
Street Address
Postal Code
  Please include the area code.
If outside the U.S and Canada, please include the country code.


The URLs to be Searched.

The Full Domain Name where the mySpider files will be run on.

The Platform and Operating System of the server where the mySpider files will be hosted.
(e.g. Windows NT or Unix - Redhat/Linux)

The type of Database to be used by the Spider and Search Engines.
(e.g. MS Msql 2000 or MySql)

Customization Requested. If not applicable, leave blank.


$500 - for a web site of up to 20,000 pages.
$500 for every additional 10,000 pages.
$ CAD (Canadian Dollars)    What's the exchange rate?


 Free support for 1 year.
 $200 CAD - support for a 2nd year.


At the rate of $100 CDN per hour.
$ CAD (Canadian Dollars) as per the estimate from mySpider or your own.

Goods and Services Tax
(13% HST - NOT applicable for orders from OUTSIDE of Canada.)
$ CAD (Canadian Dollars)

The Total Price

$ CAD (Canadian Dollars)    What's the exchange rate?

Please Read the Conditions of Purchase below:

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This agreement is between the Company or Individual above (the Buyer) and Paul Appleby Inc. of Toronto, Canada (the Seller).

The Buyer agrees to not reverse engineer the executable files, and to not sell or give away to a third party any of the files provided by the Seller for use on a domain other than the one stated above. The Buyer acknowledges that the executable files will only be used for the stated web domain and the stated database type.

In the case of a change in the domain name, the Seller agrees to provide the Buyer with the required new executable files for a minimal service charge, but only if the old domain name is no longer owned by the Buyer or an agent of the Buyer and the domain is no longer used by the Buyer, their agent or any another party. Otherwise, the buyer will have to pay the prevailing price at such time for a new package of mySpider files.

Support only covers issues related to the installation and operation of the mySpider files. Issues caused by client code that is faulty or requires customization after the initial installation, are not covered and are billable.

I have read and agree to the above Conditions of Purchase.

Method of Payment

 Email Money Transfer  (click for more info)
 Wire Transfer  (click for more info)
 Money Order by Mail or Courier  (click for more info)
 PayPal Online by Credit Card  (click for more info)

Payment must be received within 14 days or this order shall be deemed null and void.

For your records, please print this form after completing all fields and before submitting your order.