Support for the mySpider Search and Spider Engines

Before emailing to us, you should check that:

1.) All entries in both the "" and "" files are correct.

2.) All the files needed are on the server and in the correct directories.

3.) The "" file is in the correct directory and that you have entered the correct path to the directory of the two configure data files.

And you should check the errors that are returned when running the problem file from the shell (the command line), or if the files are on a remote server, via SSH.

In your email please describe the problem as briefly as possible.

Include any error messages, the platform of the server, the type of database, the domain being spidered and the URL of the entry page for spidering.

Please DO NOT send attachments unless we ask you to!

If you include a phone number and the best time to reach you, we may phone for clarification of your problem.

Email us: